Our JaniTrack® Survey Form is a powerful software application that identifies your products including the chemicals, cleaning and janitorial supplies, PPE and powered-equipment that you have in inventory.

JaniTrack® also identifies the cleaning procedures that you practice, on a daily, weekly and regularly scheduled basis.

Once you have completed and submitted the interactive survey form, JaniTrack® pulls it all together and places the identified products and cleaning procedures into our JaniLearn® Training materials.

The end result is a personalized Training Program where your products will be featured in the Custodial Closets of three of our five Courses, Carpet Care, Hard Floor Care, and Restroom Care, including your cleaning procedures within the same three courses.

You will then have the ability to assign and coordinate training before introducing a new product or procedure or go over existing products and procedures.

Not only will your staff be in compliance but they will also know how to use the product and/or perform the procedure.

A win-win for all!