Our Courses are made up of Modules that we call Learning Blocks and Sections that we call Micro Blocks.

Course 1

Health & Safety

This course will present your employees with ten (10) Learning Blocks that focus on the importance of Occupational Health & Safety in the workplace.

Course 2

Cleaning Best Practices

This course will present your employees with the basics of general cleaning, regardless of the task or surface that he/she is assigned to clean.

Course 3

Carpet Care

This course will present your employees with six learning Blocks that cover the four basic elements of a good carpet care program.

Course 4

Hard Floor Care

This course presents the cleaning service professional with eight (8) Learning Blocks that cover the basics of a good floor care program.

Course 5

Restroom Care

This course will present your employees with three (3) Learning Blocks that focus on cleaning and disinfecting the restroom.

Learning Blocks

A Learning Block is a self-contained Unit of Instruction that presents the learner with the following features:


Here we introduce the content to be covered.

Learning Outcomes

Here we identify what your employee will need to learn in order to master the content of the Learning Block. 

Specific Content Development

Here we present your employee with the content that he/she will see and interact with, in the Learning Block.

Every Learning Block has the following media variables:

  • Text,
  • Accompanying narration,
  • 3D graphics,
  • 3D animations,
  • Drag-and-drop activities,
  • Interactive brain teasers.
Learning Block Review

The Learning Block Review will present your employee with a review of the content that was covered in the Learning Block.

Knowledge Test

The Knowledge Test measures the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the content covered in the Learning Block. 

It consists of two types of Test-item questions such as:
Multiple Choice-Single Answer;

Certificate of Completion

We will award a Certificate of Completion to each participant who completes the minimal pass requirements for each Course.

Custodial Closet

Our custodial closet is a powerful interactive catalog, reference guide, and training tool designed to familiarize your employees with the materials they work with to keep them safe and knowledgeable when they work?

Click on the categories below to learn more.


This category lists the Personal Protective Equipment that you have selected to help protect your employees from potential workplace injuries and illnesses.

Janitorial Supplies

This category lists the janitorial products that you have selected in JaniTrack.


This category lists the chemicals that you have identified in JaniTrack.

Cleaning Supplies

This category features the cleaning supplies that you have identified in JaniTrack.

Cleaning Equipment

This category features the cleaning equipment that you have selected in JaniTrack.

Learning Tracks

Our Learning Tracks option lets you customize your cleaning practices determined by facility and location.

Micro Blocks

A Micro Block is any number of facts, terms, information and data that together make up the content of a Section within the Learning Block.

Course Availability

Our Courses are available 24/7, on a variety of platforms, from desktop to laptop to any number of portable devices including tablets and smart phones

Language Availability

Our JaniLearn Courses are available in English and Spanish with more to come.