JaniLearn System

At JaniTrain, we have a unique learning approach to help your staff keep their Learning on Track!

We call it our JaniLearn System.

What it is?

Our Learning System is made of our proprietary software, that we call JaniTrack® Course Builder, and our five JaniLearn Courses. When you combine the results of both, you create a powerful, customized training program for your employees.

JaniTrack® Course Builder

JaniLearn Courses

A  powerful, customized training program for your employees.

Our JaniLearn System gives your company the ability to create your own training instantly, for both beginners and experienced staff in your facility. With our Learning System, you can assign and coordinate your training before introducing a new product or a procedure. Not only will you and your staff be in compliance but you will also know how to use the product and/or perform the procedure.

How does it Work?


Your Distributor will help you to complete a survey form listed in our JaniTrack Course Builder®. Each Survey Form is based on an extensive list of Jan/San products and cleaning procedures that we have identified in our JaniTrain inventory.


Once you have completed the survey, the products and cleaning procedures that you have identified in our JaniTrack Course Builder®, will then be immediately programmed into the Custodial Closet and where applicable, into its corresponding JaniLearn Course.