JaniLearn System

At JaniTrain, we have identified a unique learning approach to help
you and your staff keep Learning on Track!

We call it our JaniLearn System.

In this System, we’ve developed 2 Course Options to help you with
your Custodial Care Training Needs.

Legacy Courses


In this Course Option, we offer our clients the option to customize their own interactive 3D courses, based on our propriatory JaniTrain Survey Form.

Learning Tracks


In this Course Option, we provide our clients with customized training materials that describe their established cleaning practices determined by their facility and location.

How does it Work?


We present our clients with an interactive survey form to fill out. Our JaniTrain survey collects data that identifies the products our clients use and the cleaning procedures they practice, on a daily, weekly and regularly scheduled basis.


Once the survey is completed, the identified products and cleaning procedures are then immediately programmed into our existing Legacy Courses.


The final product becomes a highly-personalized, client-centered cleaning Training Activity, supported by interactive 3D courses that correctly reflect their product inventory and cleaning procedures.

View Learning Track Examples.

Elementary School

Disinfect with a Quat 5 days/week with spray bottle

Middle School

Disinfect with a Quat 4 days/week Monday to Thursday with pump sprayer

Disinfect with a Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate; 1 day /week on Friday with a pump sprayer.

Athletic Facility

Clean and disinfect 5 days/week with Restroom Cleaning Machine.