Attention JanSan Distributors

If you would like to make training products available to your clients, think about partnering with us at JaniTrain.

As a preferred JaniTrain Distributor, you would stand out from the competition when bidding to secure new contracts and/or retain existing ones.

You would also be able to offer your clients:


  • a variety of new and innovative training products, designed to meet their training needs and challenges.
  • a  reliable, turnkey solution to help them create and manage their own in-house custom training.

When your existing clients or new prospects tell you:


Their Training Issues: Our JaniTrain Solution says this:
We don’t have a good training program to help us quickly onboard our new staff.   Our JaniTrain courses will offer your clients’ new staff practical custodial knowledge and information supported by interactive activities that are both challenging and fun!
Our current training is not reaching our experienced staff.

Jani Train will present their experienced staff with content directly related to their everyday work.

We have a training program, but our written manuals, videos and Power Point Presentations are obsolete and not easily updated.


Our courses and training materials can quickly be modified with changes made on the spot.

Once your clients pick their products, supplies and equipment, they are immediately integrated into our Courses to meet the training needs of their custodial staff!

Contact us if you have any questions.

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